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Our Staff Locker


Contact Adriane Ahnstedt  Adriane Ahnstedt ex: 5336 ELD 4, English 7, World History II
Contact Ann Borba  Ann Borba ex: 5348 English 6, World History I
Contact Lisa Brown  Lisa Brown ex: 5363 English 8, US History
Contact Daniel Buitrago  Daniel Buitrago ex: 5344 English 6, World History I
Contact Alexandros Carapanos  Alexandros Carapanos ex: 5366 English 6, World History I, ALD A
Contact Kathleen Dawson  Kathleen Dawson ex: 5327 English 7, World History II
Contact Aaron Hackett  Aaron Hackett ex: 5318 English 8, US History
Contact Patricia Nau  Patricia Nau ex: 5317 English 8, US History, ALD B&C
Contact Julie Snow  Julie Snow ex: 5325 English 7, World History II
Contact Demetria Callejas  Demetria Callejas ex: 5335 Science 6
Contact Romano De Los Santos  Romano De Los Santos ex: 5315 Math 8
Contact Gary Hensley  Gary Hensley ex: 5368 Science 7
Contact Jeffrey Juico  Jeffrey Juico ex: 5346 Math 6&7
Contact Barry Labass  Barry Labass ex: 5364 Science 8
Contact Julie Smith  Julie Smith ex: 5343 Math 6
Contact James Stone  James Stone ex: 5316 Math 7, Algebra I
Contact Brian Tibbot  Brian Tibbot ex: 5334 Science 6&7
Physical Education
Contact Rocco Gaglioti  Rocco Gaglioti ex: 5391 PE 6/7/8
Contact Debra Niethold  Debra Niethold ex: 5391 PE 6/7/8
Contact Maya Whitehead  Maya Whitehead ex: 5391 PE 6/7/8
Foreign Language
Contact Cathleen Foster  Cathleen Foster ex: 5367 French 1&2, AVID
Contact Luisa Gomez Roman  Luisa Gomez Roman ex: 5342 Spanish 1A, ELD 3
Contact Francisco Gutierrez  Francisco Gutierrez ex: 5341 Spanish 1B
Music / Art
Contact Colleen Henry  Colleen Henry ex: 5313 Music, Chorus
Contact Ernesto Mazar Kindelan  Ernesto Mazar Kindelan ex: 5379 Band/Orchestra
Contact Debra Stuckgold  Debra Stuckgold ex: 5311 Art
Intervention Teachers / ELD
Contact Diane Shamai  Diane Shamai ex: 5362 ELD 2, ALD 1
Special Education
Contact Cecelia Guzman  Cecelia Guzman ex: 5336 Extensive Needs
Contact Monica Harris  Monica Harris ex: 5352 Resource 6
Contact Carol Koby  Carol Koby ex: 5351 Resource 7
Contact Diane Logan  Diane Logan ex: 5353 Resource 8
Contact Shalini Ramos  Shalini Ramos ex: 5324 SDC 6/7
Contact Tina Zabala  Tina Zabala ex: 5314 SDC 7/8
Contact Samantha Ashford  Samantha Ashford ex: 5381 Students Last Names A-L
Contact Andrea Hagglund  Andrea Hagglund ex: 5310 Students Last Names M-Z