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Principal's Page

About Ms. Montgomery

Dear Oak Grove Parents & Families,

I'm humbled, honored, and excited be the principal at Oak Grove Middle School. We have been on an incredible journey with your amazing teachers, OGMS staff, and students for the past two years in increasing our rigor and excellence with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. We’ve made good progress and we are now in the application phase of the IB program.

I'm excited to continue the journey at OGMS and I'm up for the challenges with Distance Learning (DL). My heart is with all of you as we face unknown challenges with DL with our children. As a parent of three children I have a front seat to these challenges. Remember to be gracious to yourself and others as we grow and learn a whole new way of learning with DL. Know that we don't expect perfection but "PROGRESS" as we grow and learn each day!

Ms. Montgomery