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Student Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectation Matrix





Everywhere and at all times

Be on time.

Have all required materials.

Be in uniform.

Be ready to learn.

Walk at all times.

Give your best effort.

Be an active learner!

Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.

Respect school and personal property.

Follow adult directions.

Speak and act kindly.

Use appropriate language.


Wait in line until directed to enter

Stay seated the tables

Buy inside, eat inside

Clean up area as you leave

Bring student ID

Pay for what you take

Show pass for detention

Follow staff directions

Use good manners and indoor voices


Bring uniform

Walk to field

Sit properly in bleachers

Be on your number

Stay within the boundaries

Use and return equipment properly

Keep hands, feet, and all other body parts to yourself

Be a team player; encourage others

Respect others’ learning

Speak quietly and kindly


Special Events

Walk at all times

Wait for entrance and dismissal directions

Focus on the presentation

Stay seated with class

Listen responsibly

Applaud appropriately

Use kind words and actions


Be on time

Have a visible hall pass at all times

Walk at all times

Move to class quietly

Take the most direct route

Knock if door is locked

Wait to enter until room is empty

No horseplay

Hands to self

No yelling

Respect classes in session


State your purpose politely with pass in hand

Always follow directions the first time they are given

Obtain permission to use phone

Always speak kindly and quietly

Treat others as you would like to be treated


Have a visible pass

Go directly to and from class

No loitering—do your business and leave

Inform adults of vandalism

Give people privacy

Towels in garbage; water in sinks


Walk to and from blacktop

Stay within boundaries

Be aware of games and activities

Follow adult directions the first time given

Get adult help when needed

Respect property, yours and others’

Use kind words and actions

No play fighting

Bus Area/

Bike Racks

Lock your bike

Have bus pass or money ready

Stand single file

Walk your bike through campus

Wait patiently

Be respectful of bus driver