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Need to contact a Staff member?

Click on the name to send an email.

To dial a staff member directly, dial 682-8000 and on the prompt enter the extension listed.

School Support

Site Staff
Contact Jonathan Brescia  Jonathan Brescia ex: 5365 School Counselor - 8th Grade / 7th Grade A-M
Contact Walker Dearth  Walker Dearth ex: 5301 School Psychologist (W/Th only)
Contact Rico King  Rico King ex: 5369 Site Tech
Contact Donya Montecinos  Donya Montecinos Campus Supervisor
Contact Laura Ortiz  Laura Ortiz ex: 5356 Speech Therapist
Contact Shirin Sharma  Shirin Sharma ex: 5301 School Psychologist (M/F Only)
Contact Laura Siragusa  Laura Siragusa ex: 5320 School Counselor - 6th Grade/ 7th grade N-Z
Contact Jason Stasuik  Jason Stasuik Campus Supervisor
Contact Patricia Zacharakis  Patricia Zacharakis Campus Supervisor
Contact Angel Davis  Angel Davis Assistant
Contact Richard Fronda  Richard Fronda ex: 5340 Leadworker Custodian
Contact Andrew Miller  Andrew Miller ex: 5340 PM Custodian
Contact Robert Nordstrom  Robert Nordstrom ex: 5340 Day Custodian
Contact Sue Edmonds  Sue Edmonds ex: 5339 Instructional Media Assistant (Wednesdays)
Contact Angelique Mullen  Angelique Mullen ex: 5339 Librarian - Tuesdays, Thursdays
Contact Mona Robinson  Mona Robinson ex: 5339 Librarian - Mondays, Fridays
Special Education Assistants
Contact Dorothy Benton  Dorothy Benton Special Education Assistant
Contact Sean Hadley  Sean Hadley Special Education Assistant
Contact Emilie Paraan  Emilie Paraan Special Education Assistant
Contact Lourdes Soto  Lourdes Soto English Learner Instructional Assistant
Contact Terra Wilson  Terra Wilson Special Education Assistant
Contact Mirna Wolfram  Mirna Wolfram Instructional Assistant